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I forgot the Secret Code from my account
Sorry to hear that you have forgotten your Secret Code. Unfortunately, without this vital piece of information we cannot confirm that an account belongs to you. Please remember that your Secret Code is like your key into Webkinz World and cannot be replaced.
I've forgotten My User name - what do I do?
If you've forgotten your username and if you have provided a Parent's Email for your account, just click on the "Forgot Password?" button on the log in page and then enter your Parent's Email address. We will send your User Name and a link to reset your password to your Parent's email.

If you've forgotten your User Name but haven't provided a Parent's Email address, you will need the Secret Code from one of your pets on that account to recover it. Click on the same "Forgot Log In?" button then choose the Secret Code option. You will then be asked to enter that Secret Code, along with other personal information to verify your identity. Make sure you use the same information you entered when you first adopted your pet. You will also need to provide an email where your User Name and the password reset link can be sent to you.
Reset or Forgotten Password

You can request to have a password recovery link emailed to you by following these steps.
1)  Go to the main login page by clicking the 'Log In' button on
2)  Click on the blue “Forget Log In?” button
3)  Select what method you would like to use to retrieve your login information: “Parent’s Email” or “Secret Code
Parent’s Email Option
1)    Input the parent email address associated to your Webkinz World account in the “Parent Email” field
2)    Confirm the parent email address in the “Confirm Email” field
3)    Click the yellow “Send” button.
4)    Have your parent log into their email to retrieve your Webkinz World account information
If you do not have a Parent’s Email linked to your Webkinz World account, you will need to use the secret code option outlined below.

Secret Code Option
1)    Input a secret code for one of the pets on your account into the “Secret Code” field
2)    Complete the rest of the fields by inputting your first name, birthday, email and confirm your email.
3)    Click the yellow “Submit” button
4)    Log into the specified email address to retrieve your password recovery link.

Adopted a Pet on the Wrong Account
- I want to transfer this newly adopted pet to another account
Separating pets is not something we do in Webkinz World. Once a pet has been adopted onto an account, it cannot be moved, transferred or removed.

- I want my new pet to be on my existing account
If you would like to merge two accounts, please be aware that this can only be done if you've started one of your accounts within the last 30 days. When you move a pet from one account to another, it's like starting over for that pet. They lose all items, rooms, and KinzCash they've acquired. Please be certain that you want to do this.

Can I reset my account?
If you have started a Webkinz World account within the past 30 days, it is possible for us to reset your account. Please be aware that if we do this, you will lose all pets, KinzCash, rooms and items you have accumulated on the account (including any items you purchased from the E-Store). Any feature codes that you have unlocked on the account will NOT be reset. Please note that a feature code can only be used once and if you reset your account you will not be able to reuse your feature code or retrieve any items unlocked by the feature code.

Please Note: If you have a Deluxe membership on your account, unfortunately we will not be able to reset your account. Once a deluxe membership is put on an account, it must remain there.

Can I change my User name?
There are only two reasons for changing your user name:
1. Your user name is inappropriate.
2. You included personal information (full name, date of birth, phone number) in your user name.

If you would like to change your user name for either of these reasons, please fill out the form with the information we require. Please note that we will review each form and we have the right to decline your request if we do not feel your user name needs to be changed.

My Secret Code is my Pet Name
If you have noticed that you accidentally used your pet's Secret Code as your pet name, please fill out the form below, including your desired pet name. Please note that we will only be changing pet names that have the Secret Code in them or that are inappropriate.

I forgot my security question for turning off ads in my account
In order to manage visibility to third party ads you will need to have your parent or guardian visit the Parent’s Area located on the Webkinz Home Page at
Once there, click the “Account Controls” link and then the green “Log In To Parent’s Account” button on the next page.  Input the Webkinz World username and password of the account to which you would like to allow/disallow visibility to third party ads, along with the email address of the parent’s account that is linked to that Webkinz World account and click “Log In”.  From here you will be able to adjust all of the account settings, including third party ad visibility.  After making the desired adjustments, click the “confirm changes” button at the bottom of the page.
Please note, that all changes to account settings require your parent/guardian to log in to their email address to click the link sent to them in the confirmation email before any changes will take effect.
What information can I change on my account?
We do not change account information. This includes first name, date of birth, and place of residence.  You can change the Parent Email associated to your Webkinz World account by logging into the Parent’s Area and clicking the “Change” link next to the current email address at the top of the page. If you would like to change your login information such as the username or password please use the appropriate form to send us your request.
What are the limitations of FREE account?
The limitations for FREE account membership include:
  • A limit of 2 rooms for your pet
  • A limited number of items that can be stored in your dock
  • No access to KinzChat Plus (still requires parental permission to unlock for paid members)
  • No access to trade rooms
  • No access to sending items via KinzPost
  • Limited access to Arcade and Tournament Arena games
  • Limited access to Daily Activities (Deluxe and Pet of the Month activities are still unlocked separately)
  • Limited selection of items in the W Shop, KinzStyle Outlet and Curio Shop
  • Limited access to classes in the Kinzville Academy
  • Limited access to jobs in the Employment Office
  • Limited friends list
  • No access to Discovery Zone or Signature Safari questions in Quizzy’s and a limit to the number of questions per category
  • No ability to turn off 3rd party advertising
As with Full Membership, certain areas will still require a Feature Code to unlock them. Free memberships won’t expire and can be upgraded at any time to a Full Membership for 1 year by using a paid Pet Code.
How do I change my password?
If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "LOG IN" button Next click the "Forgot Login?" button. Fill in all of the required information and your password will be reset.